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Prodeff Consulting is a small consulting company focusing on recruitment and assignment matching in areas:
  • Production
  • Product
  • Quality
  • Process
  • Industrial project managment

Prodeff consulting participates in organizational planning so that the finished product or service is adapted to administration, production and delivery. We can work with development and efficiency of the manufacturing process with regard to finance, quality, material flow, maintenance and organization.

We follow up and analyze the development of new production methods, develop and present suggestions on how changes can best be used for the development of your own company.

Let us help you with the structure and development of your organisation.

We are looking forward to it!

Om oss

Our services


Technical specialists from product sketch to manufacturing.
Sit back and let us find the right competence for your project.

Knowledge area

Six Sigma • JIT • SMED • FMEA • 7Q • MTM/SAM • Kaizen • OEE • 5S • PDCA • Kanban • VSM • FIFO • Team center • AViX • IMDS • KDP • CATIA • Inventor • Solid works • Matlab • Ansa • Abaqus • LS-Dyna • Optimus • Phyton • FEM-analys • Gantt • PLM • Agile • Scrum

Our initiative

Finding right skills can be time consuming. The person you seek needs to have knowledge and experience in requested area, to have the right personal qualities, to be driven, to be loyal and more. We are aware of what the recruitment process means. Take advantage of our experience and take advantage of our network.

Why Prodeff

We are a consulting company like any other. If there is something that can differentiate us from the rest, it is our open culture. Our policy is about transparency towards all stakeholders. This is what creates long-term loyalty with our existing and future consultants in order to create long-term loyalty to our customers!

Happy colleague, satisfied customer!

Anlita oss

Prodeff consulting believes that a strong interest in our colleagues career development contributes to solidarity and loyalty in our business. Together we can achieve new heights.

At Prodeff Consulting, commitment and interest for the company is rewarded, which has led us to find talented and experienced individuals together with our employees network.

Take part of our community!



Let us tell you about our values and why you should be one of us.


Openness is what drives Prodeff daily. We ensure that, at the first contact of our potential candidates, always have an open dialogue about our company. Take part of our beneficial payroll system and keep track of exactly what your earnings are and how it is being divided. Your finances will be visible to you and you will choose how to setup your own income. Decide, among other things, on your own pension plan and individual insurance and much more.


A work is about 30% of a person’s everyday life. Therefore, we consider it important that you enjoy your work. If you feel you’re contributing more than you are getting, we’re here to listen. We care about your skills and ensure that it is used properly. Perhaps the economy is more important to you than your work at one point or maybe both are equally important? No matter what your thoughts circle around, contact us. We listen, we investigate, we act!


Being a small company has its charms. The closeness is like no other and we become more of a family company looking after each other. The closeness provides the opportunity for individual ambitions and goals to always be achieved. Our ambitions and goals are to always have this feeling regardless of the size of our company. Join our family today, we look forward to getting to know you!


At Prodeff we are all coworkers and we always aim at equality. We are not managers, but colleagues instead. We are an equal company, whether it’s an employee or a customer. We protect our employees and ensure solidarity daily.


Security is just as important to us at Prodeff as it is to you. We know how important the career is and under no circumstances would we endanger any of our present or future colleagues in a financial crisis situation. Our business systems allow you as an individual to become a part of us, whether we are a freshly established company or if we have been in operation for a ten-year period. We have strong self-confidence and we can guarantee good security for potential candidates and current employees as well as our business.


Thanks to our systems, we can almost always achieve our employees’ beneficial requests. Lease a company car, regardless of manufacturer or equipment, take out a new phone or computer without questioning, educate yourself and develop your skills with various certifications, utilize your unlimited healthcare benefits in the form of gym card or maybe just a massage, and much more.


Working 8 hours a day every day has its advantages in terms of development and solidarity. But we consider meeting outside work important as well. Join us on our lunches and get to know a good bunch of people or take part in our other annual activities, which we all plan at Prodeff together. Keep an eye on our “Happenings”. Here we upload images of all activities and events in Prodeff AB.

Let’s meet!

Prodeff AB is continuously inquired assignment requests, please do not hesitate to submit a spontaneous application or just come and meet us for a coffee.

We look forward to getting to know you!

Our employee's testimonial

“Jag valde Prodeff, framför allt för att jag inte vill vara en i mängden. Den är den familjära känslan jag vill åt, att kunna ringa när som helst om jag undrar över något, oavsett relaterat till mitt nuvarande uppdrag eller helt enkelt veta hur jag ligger till ekonomiskt. Jag känner mig delaktig.”

– Denis Pekic

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Allen Kalasho

Allen Kalasho

CEO / Production Engineer

Mikael Sauma

Mikael Sauma


Denis Pekic

Denis Pekic

Consultant / Manufacturing engineer

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If you have any questions or are interested in our services, you can always e-mail us.

Theres Svenssons gata 15, 417 55 Gothenburg

Prodeff AB

Theres Svenssons gata 15,
417 55 Gothenburg, Sweden